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Grand Jury Reports

As part of its investigating and reporting function, the Miami-Dade County Grand Jury has examined how public officials conduct their offices, discharge their public trusts, and study whether public institutions are being properly administered and conducted. These examinations, investigations, and studies have often resulted in the issuance of Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Reports, which have identified problems and shortcomings and include specific recommendations and remedies for improvements. The myriad of topics covered over the decades include issues such as mental health, public housing, juvenile crime, absentee ballot voting, environmental issues, the county contracting process, transportation, the AIDS epidemic, Tasers, and much more.

To see the list and to access specific Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Reports see below.

  • 2018 Fall Term – The Health of Biscayne Bay: Water Flows and Water Woes
  • 2017 Fall Term – As Storm Clouds Gathered: The Preparation for and Aftermath of Hurricane Irma
  • 2017 Fall Term – Interim Report – Amendment 4: Vote “YES” for a Safer and Fairer Florida
  • 2016 Spring Term – Addressing Condo Owners’ Pleas for Help:  Recommendations for Legislative Help
  • 2015 Spring Term – Improving the impact, operation, effectiveness and transparency of Miami-Dade`s Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs)
  • 2014 Fall Term No report produced.
  • 2014 Spring Term  No report produced.
  • 2013 Fall Term Continuing Nubia’s Legacy: Follow-up to the Fall Term 2010 Grand Jury Final Report
  • 2013 Spring Term – Equal Time-Sharing: Is ONE-SIZE FITS ALL Legislation in the Best Interest of the Child?
  • 2012 Fall Term – Enslavement of our Children: Identifying and Combating Human Sex Trafficking in our Community
  • 2012 Spring Term – Absentee Ballot Voting: Convenience and its Consequences
  • 2011 Fall Term – Update and Follow-up into the Safety and Medical Care Provided Juveniles in Custody in Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice
  • 2011 Spring Term Assisted Living Facilities: A call for greater interagency communication and a cry for more citizen volunteers