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Grand Jury Reports

As part of its investigating and reporting function, the Miami-Dade County Grand Jury has examined how public officials conduct their offices, discharge their public trusts, and study whether public institutions are being properly administered and conducted. These examinations, investigations, and studies have often resulted in the issuance of Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Reports, which have identified problems and shortcomings and include specific recommendations and remedies for improvements. The myriad of topics covered over the decades include issues such as mental health, public housing, juvenile crime, absentee ballot voting, environmental issues, the county contracting process, transportation, the AIDS epidemic, Tasers, and much more.

To see the list and to access specific Miami-Dade County Grand Jury Reports see below.


1949 Spring Term

  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Miami Police Department
  • Miami Retreat
  • County and City Jail

1949 Fall Term

  • The Press and Reuben Clein

1948 Winter Term

  • (General Information)

1948 Fall Term (Unavailable)

• Police Academy
• Legislation

1947 Winter Term

  • The Situation in Miami
  • State law Outlawing Wire Service for Gambling Purposes
  • Inspections (various facilities)
  • Grand Juries

1947 Fall Term (Unavailable)

  • State vs. Ida Dickerson

1947 Spring Term

  • Selection of Grand Juries
  • Alternate Grand jurors mandatory Convening of Grand Juries
  • Legal Counsel for Grand Juries
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Flood Control

1946 Fall Term

1959 Fall Term

• Bolita
• Failure of City of Miami To Collect License Fees on Apartment and Rooming Houses in Negro Area
• School Board Insurance Program
• Dade County Civil Defense Unit
• Inspection of Public Buildings and Facilities
• Operation of Jackson Memorial Hospital
• Miscellaneous Investigations
• Public Officials

1959 Spring Term

• School Board Insurance Program
• Proposed Purchase of Miami Transit Company
• Police Officers Acting as Bodyguards or Security Officers for Private Persons
• Irregularities in Safety Inspection of Motor Vehicles
• Metropolitan Court
• Parathion and Other Toxic Spray Insecticides
• Fire Prevention, Control and Emergency Facilities at Miami International Airport
• Arrest and Handling of Prisoners by Police Officers
• Contractors’ Certificates of Competency
• Slum Clearance
• Humane Society of Greater Miami
• Inspection of Public Buildings and Facilities
• Public Officials

1958 Fall Term

• Cancer Institute at Miami
• Chaining Municipal Prisoners
• Complaints Against Labor Unions
• Crandon Park
• Florida City Jail
• Homestead Jail and Police Department
• Illegal Gambling and Organized Crime
• Insurance Rates
• Juvenile Home at Kendall
• School Fire Prevention and Safety
• County Jail and Stockade
• Jackson Memorial Hospital
• Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and Youth Hall

1958 Spring Term

• Autonomy Amendment Campaign
• Bolita
• Bombing of Synagogues, Churches and Schools
• Capital and Criminal Cases
• Dade County Welfare Department
• Election Controversies
• Fingerprinting of School Personnel
• Hialeah Municipal Court
• Labor Union Conflicts
• Proposed Dodge Island Port
• Public Buildings and Institutions
• Public Offices
• Purchase of Furniture and Furnishings by the Board of County Commissioners
• Traffic Safety
• Voters’ Registrations Lists
• Zoning

1957 Fall Term

• Attorney Fees
• Automobile Inspection Stickers
• Automobile Insurance Rate Increase
• Bolita
• Child Welfare
• Complaints by Union Members
• Conflict of Interest
• County Funds
• Failure of Public Officials to Report Attempted Bribery
• Fraudulent Retail Mercantile Practices
• Hialeah Ticket Fixing
• Identification of School Board Personnel
• Licensing Motor Vehicle Operators
• Miami Beach Report
• Public Buildings & Institutions
• Public Concessions and Purchases
• School Board Commissary
• Slum Areas
• South Dade Labor Camps
• Special Legal Counsel and Special Investigators
• Tax Assessments
• Private Water Companies

1957 Spring Term

• Administrative Assistant
• Attorneys
• Unethical Practices
• Ambulance Service
• Bailiff
• Crime
• County Purchasing Agent’s Office
• Dade County Sign Shop
• Education
• Foreman, Appointment Of
• Financial Statement
• Hialeah Gardens
• Hospitals Emergency
• Inspections: Miami Stockade/County Stockade/ Kendall Homes / County Jail/ Miami Sanitarium / Miami Justice Building/Jackson Memorial Hospital
• Jurors, Selection of
• Jury Expenditures
• Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
• Municipal Court Miami
• News Agencies
• North Miami Beach
• Obscene Literature
• Public Works and Institutions
• State Attorney’s Assistants
• School System
• Welfare

1956 Fall Term

•Inquiry From Two Members of Dade County Legislative Delegation
• Dade County Elections
• Charges Before the Civil Service Board
• Inspections of Convalescent and Nursing Home
• Public Roads
• Disposition of Salvage Material
• Bolita
• Miami Beach Police Department
• Barbiturates and Central Nervous System Stimulants
• Legislative Recommendations
• Court Reporters
• Rotation of Circuit Court Judges
•Personnel and Salaries of the State Attorney’s Office Municipal Justice Building
• City of Miami Stockade (Correction Center)
• County Jail
• Dade County Stockade
• Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
• Dade County School System

1956 Spring Term

• Grand Jury System
• Judicial Matters
• Dade County School System
• Law Enforcement & Related Problems
• Mortgage Brokers
• Bureau of Lathing & Plastering of Dade County, Inc.
• Public Health & Welfare

1955 Fall Term

• Amended Resolutions in Dowling Estate Cases
• Bookmakers & Bolita Sellers
• Bonds in City Traffic Cases
• Business Personal Property Taxes
• Circuit Court Procedure Recommendations
• City of Miami “Peace Plan” Approved
• Communication System Needed
• Education Committee Publicizes School Problems
• Grand Jurors
• Hialeah Gardens Speed Trap
• Juvenile Delinquency Recommendations
• Legislative Candidates Approve Jury Projects
• Linen Shops Racket
• Miami Sanitorium (Retreat) Inspection
• Miami City Stockade Inspection
• Miami Beach Ambulance Service
•Miami Beach Police Hearing
• Moonshine Investigation
• Opa Locka and Democracy
• Recommendations for Jackson Memorial Hospital

1955 Spring Term

• South Dade Fire and Windstorm Insurance Program of the Board of Public Instruction
• Personal Property Assessments of Merchants’ Inventories
• Miami Merchants’ Licenses
• Taxes and Licenses for Bottled Gas Companies
• Elimination of the Industrial Development & Research Department of The City of Miami
• Serving Liquor to Juveniles by Rocking M. B. Lounge
• Miami City Police and Public Officials
• Sale of Cigarettes to Minors
• Jackson Memorial Hospital
• Report of the Findings of the Grand Jury Relative to the Activities of the H. H. Horn Superintendent of the Water Department and Shop of the City of Miami Beach
• Evading Sales Tax
• Items Secured Without Benefit of Requisition
• Suit Against the Grand Jury and Its Special Counsel Miami City Commission
• Need For Statutory Revisions
• Statutory Revisions Recommended as to Power of Commissioner to Obtain Appointment of Receiver
• Statutory Revisions Recommended as to Requirements of Minimum
• Capital of Insurance Companies Doping Business in Florida
• Statutory revisions Recommended as to New Business and Expenses of Life Insurance Companies
• Statutory Recommendations as to Criminal Penalties as to False
• Statements to Insurance Commissioner and as to Criminal Penalties for Fraudulent Stock Manipulations
• Statutory Revisions Recommended as to the Powers and Duties of Special Counsel to the Grand Jury
• National Union Life Insurance Company

1954 Fall Term

• Public Health and Welfare
• Miami Sanitorium
• City and County Jails
• Youth Hall, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
• Dade County Hospital, Old Folks’ home and Children’s Home, Kendall, Florida
• Airports for Private and Business Aircraft
• Need for Medical Examiner in Dade County
• Improvements in Law Enforcement
• Enforcement of Liquor Laws
• Insurance for Dade County

1954 Spring Team

• Communism
• Public Health and Welfare
• Public Education
• Law Enforcement and Related Problems
• Recommendation for Hold-Over Grand Jurors
• Dora Pinder Murder Case

1953 Fall Term

• Miami Beach Police Department
• Concerning the Board of Public Instruction
• Inspection of Public Buildings and Institutions

1953 Spring Term

• Inspection of Public Places

1952 Fall Term

• Inspection of Public Places
• Matters Pertaining to the Board of Public Instruction
• Jurisdiction of School Trustees
• Matters Pertaining to the Sheriff’s Department
• Bail Bonds
• City of Miami Publicity Department
• Liquor Law enforcement
• Gifts to Police Officers
• Illegal Gambling
• Dade County Bar Association
• Interim Report Concerning Legislative Recommendations
• Grand Jury Quarters

1952 Spring Term
• Continuing Confidential Investigations

1951 Fall Term

• Grand Jury Policies
• Miami Zoning Laws
• Miami Civil Service Board
• Election Laws
• Legislative Recommendations

1951 Winter Term

•Sheriff’s Department
• Gun Permits
• The Patton Cases
• Nepotism
• Florida State Racing Commission
• State Attorney and County Solicitor
• Expenditures Made by the Grand Jury
• Rotating Grand Jury
• Grand Jury Quarters
• Crime Commission of Greater Miami
• Legislation

1950 Winter Term
• Law Enforcement in Dade County
• Enforcement of Gambling Laws
• Minimum Requirements for treatment of prisoners at Dade County Jail
• Increased compensation for Members of the Grand Jury

1950 Fall Term
Comprehensive Study of Law Enforcement in Dade County
• Reorganization of the Sheriff’s Office
• Search Warrants
• Central Bureau of Investigation to Handle Violent Crimes
• Illegal Gambling
• Omnibus Legislative Recommendations
• Appearance Bonds (Bail Bonds) in Dade County

1969 Fall Term

• Philosophic Commentary on the Rise of Lawlessness
• Steps to Improve the Administration of Justice
• Steps to Assure Integrity in Government
• Conflict of Interest Laws
• Celona Investigation
• Summary of Interim Reports

1969 Spring Term

• Celona Investigation
• State Fire & Casualty Company
• Current Public School Problems
• Medley Investigation
• Corruption in Hialeah
• City of North Miami Beach
• Youth Services

1968 Fall Term

• Dangerous Drug Investigation
• School Discipline Investigation
• Port Authority Leases / Airport Parking Garage
• Dinner Key Auditorium
• Criminal Court Investigation
• The Baker Affidavit Investigation
• Investigation of Breach of Grand Jury Secrecy
• Investigation of Crime in Liberty City
• Celona Investigation
• Publication of Final Reports of Grand Juries

1968 Spring Term

• Grand Jury Secrecy
• South Florida State Hospital
• Liberty City Riot
• Florida City
• Narcotics
• Organized Crime
• Public Schools
• Johnnie Lee Williams
• Grand Jury Quarters

1967 Fall Term

• The Teacher Walkout in Dade County
• Narcotics in the Schools
• The Miami Herald
• North Bay Village
• Combined Forces
• Bail and Supersedeas Bonds

1967 Spring Term

• Bolita Tax Assessor’s Office
• Usury
• City of Miami Beach
• Bombings
• Law Enforcement
• State Racing Commission
• Sunland Training Center
• Grand Jury
• Justice of the Peace Court District #3

1966 Fall Term

• Coordination
• Bolita
• Tax Assessor’s Office
• City of Miami Beach of Miami Police Department
• Sheriff’s Department
• State Attorney’s Office
• City of Miami Municipal Court
• Hyman Martin
• Prostitution
• Abortions
• Florida Racing Commission
• Waiver of Immunity
• Miami Housing Authority
• School Board
• Bail Bondsmen

1966 Spring Term

• The Abortion Racket
• The Courts

1965 Fall Term

• Investigation of the Shea Case
• O. M. Pushkin Case
• Investigation of Conditions at the Lighthouse for the Blind

1965 Spring Term

• Organized Crime and Law Enforcement
• Municipal Public Works Construction Proceedings
• Miami Beach Auditorium
• Sentencing, Bonding and Probation Practices
• Workmen’s Compensation Awards

1964 Fall Term

• City of Hialeah
• Ambulance Chasing Investigation
• November 3, 1964 General Election
• Juvenile Court and Children’s Home at Kendall
• Miami Beach Charter Election

1964 Spring Term

• Allegation of Police Brutality
• Miami Beach Municipal Golf Courses
• Railway Crossing Accidents
• Jackson Memorial Hospital
• State of Florida vs. Richard Charles Worthington
• Juvenile Court, Youth Hall and Children’s Home at Kendall
• Tax Assessor
• Emergency Calls to the Sheriff’s Department
• Attorneys’ Fees

1963 Fall Term

•Possession of Stolen Jewelry
• State Road Building Program
• Delay in Providing Judicial hearings for Prisoners
• Unlawful Attempt to Influence Election
• Interim Report / Taxi Driver Licenses
• City of Miami

1963 Spring Term

• Investigation of Alleged Bribe Attempt of a Dade County Commissioner
• Dodge Island Seaport
• Tax Assessment Program
• Opa Locka Recall Petitions
• City of Miami Police Investigative Funds
• Travel allowances
• Youth Hall and The children’s Home at Kendall
• Conflict of Interest in the City of Homestead
• Theft of I.B.M. Equipment

1962 Fall Term

• Tax Assessor’s Office
• Department of Traffic Engineering
• Department of Public Safety
• Cuban Situation
• Youth Hall & Children’s Home at Kendall
• Election Complaints

1962 Spring Term

• Internal Funds of Public Instruction of Dade County Election Law
• Youth Hall and Children’s Home
• Control of Charitable Solicitations
• Gun Registration Law
• Traffic Safety
• Sanitary Regulations
• Narcotics
• Gift Policy

1961 Fall Term

•Charitable Solicitations
• City of South Miami
• Youth Hall and Children’s Home at Kendall
• City of Miami Beach
• City of Miami off Street Parking Authority
• City of North Miami Beach
• Interim Reports
• Public Safety Building
• Miscellaneous Investigations

1961 Spring Term

• Department of Off Street Parking of the City of Miami
• Juvenile Court, Youth Hall and the Children’s Home at Kendall
• Crandon Park Zoo
• Charges Made Against Officers in the Public Safety Department
• Regarding Alleged Theft of Bolita Money
• Complaint Against Officers of the Public Safety Department of Alleged
• Mistreatment of Murder Suspect
• Department of Public Safety
• Dade County Public Works Department and Flood Control
• Miscellaneous Complaints and Investigations
• Public Officials

1960 Fall Term 

• The Dade County Public Works Department and Flood Control
• City of Homestead Investigation
• Hialeah Police Department
• Irregularities in the State Road Department Program
• Turkey Money Racket, Strip Joints and Investigation of Officers on
Liquor and Vice Squads
• Crandon Park Zoo Investigation
• Law enforcement in the Town of Sweetwater
• Teenage Consumption of Alcohol
• Taxpayer’s Lawsuits Against the Dade Expressway Program
• Proposed Firearms and Obscene Literature Legislation
• Correction of Unethical Practices Within Professional Groups
• Jackson Memorial Hospital
• Humane Society of Greater Miami
• Public Safety Building and Jail
• Miscellaneous Investigations

1960 Spring Term

• The High Cost of Automobile and Other Liability Insurance and the
• Relationship of Unethical Activity Thereto
• Flood Control
• Alleged Police Brutality in the South Miami Police Department
• Humane Society of Greater Miami
• Metropolitan Public Safety Department Building and Jail
• Jackson Memorial Hospital
• The United Fund
• Failure of Certain Police Officers to Waive Immunity Before the
• Grand Jury and Subsequent Action of the Miami Civil Service Board
• Traffic Safety
• Miscellaneous Investigation

1979 Fall Term

• Report on the Dade County School System
• Report on the Hialeah Police Department
• Report on the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems
• Nursing Homes and Adult Congregate Living Facilities

1979 Spring Term 

• Nursing Homes

1978 Fall Term 

• Nursing Homes Investigation

1978 Spring Term

•The CETA Title VI Investigation
• The HRS Foster Care Investigation
• The Little HUD Investigation

1977 Fall Term

•Dade County C.E.T.A. Investigation
• Bullet Proof Vests For Police

1977 Spring Term

• Ad Valorem Tax System
• Juvenile Justice System
• Automobile Insurance Rates

1976 Fall Term

• The City of Opa Locka Investigation
• Dade County Budget
• Special Tax Masters Selection
• Community Schools Program
• Municipal Courts
• County Land Purchases
• Recommendation With Respect to the Grand Jury System

1976 Spring Term

•Discipline and Security in the Public Schools
• Land Acquisition by Dade County
• Terrorist Activities in Dade County
• Miami Beach Police Department
• Nursing Homes
• Dade County Parks and Recreation Facilities
• Metro Transit System
• Fire Prevention
• Recommendations With Respect to the Grand Jury System

1975 Fall Term

• Safety, Security and Discipline in the Public Schools
• Terrorist Activities in Dade County
• Safety After Dark in Downtown Miami
• Insurance Fraud
• North Bay Village Police Department
• Probation, Prisons and Parole in Florida
• Illegal Aliens in Florida
• Court Reporters
• Facilities For Juvenile Offenders
• Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Development Corporation
• Control of Building Inspections
• Recommendations With Respect to the Grand Jury System

1975 Spring Term

•Municipal Police Departments
• Miami Beach Police Promotion Examinations
• Sale and Control of Handguns
• Valuing Real Property for Tax Rolls
• Investigation of Alleged Electronic Surveillance

1974 Fall Term

• Investigation of Public Corruption
• Investigation into False Claims of Lawyers and Doctors
• Grand Jury Secrecy
• Investigation of Alleged Electronic Surveillance

1974 Spring Term

• Bingo Criminal Justice System
• The Grand Jury System
• 1973 Fall Term Miami Police Department
• The Beverage Department and its Law Enforcement Officers
• Sale and Control of Handguns
• Treatment Facilities and Services for Children

1973 Fall Term

  • Follow-Up Inquiry Into Morale and Communication Issues within the Miami Police Department
  • Enforcement of Gambling and Alcoholic Beverage Violations by the State Beverage Department
  • Recommendation Prohibiting Sale of Handguns in Florida
  • Treatment Facilities and Services for Delinquent and Dependent Children in Dade County

1973 Spring Term Interim Report

• Wiretapping
• Further Comment on the Borrow Pit Investigation
• Recommendation Regarding Abuses of the Use of Notarial Acknowledgments
• Florida City
• Recommendations for Standardization of Collection and Presentation of Evidence in Capital Cases Before the Grand Jury
• Recommendations for Correctional System

1973 Spring Term

• Probation and Parole
• Florida City
• The Grand Jury System

1972 Fall Term

• Discipline in the Public Schools
• North Miami Investigation
• Sunland Training Center
• County Welfare Patients
• Miami Shores Police Department
• Water Contamination

1972 Spring Term

• Evaluation of Seed Program of Drug Rehabilitation
• Conflict of Interest
• The Dade County School System
• Disciplinary Action by the Florida Bar Association
• Election Laws
• Private Investigative Agencies
• The Victim of Crime
• The Forgotten Man
• Perjury before the Grand Jury
• The Jimmy Lee Wilson Case
• Taxi Abuses at the Airport
• Amendment to the South Florida Building Code
• Abolition of Supersedeas Bonds
• Convention Security
• Police Protection for Mobile Home Dwellers
• Need for More Adequate Grand Jury Quarters

1971 Fall Term Carry Over

•  The Dade County Port Authority
• Youth Hall
• The Drug Scene
• Hialeah Police Department
• The Rampage of Venereal Disease
• Nursing & Convalescent Homes
• Medical Reports of Crimes
• The City of Miami Beach Election Investigation
• The Grand Jury System
• Observations & summary
• The Grand Jury and the State Attorney

1971 Spring Term

•  Investigation of the Election Campaign of Earl Faircloth
• Miami Beach Convention hall Investigation
• Frates Report Youth Hall Investigation
• Port Authority Investigation
• B.A.M.M.
• Investigation of Tax Assessor’s Office
• Water Crisis
• Hialeah Police Department
• Conflict of Interest
• Justice of the Peace System

1970 Fall Term

• The Deplorable Dade County Jail
• Dade County Airport Garage Fiasco
• Justices of the Peace
• Miami Police Department
• Pornography Investigation
• Celona Investigation

1970 Spring Term

•The Grand Jury
• Justices of the Peace
• Celona Investigation
• Pornography
• Pollution Investigation
• Humane Society
• Compensation of Grand Jurors

  • 1989 Fall Term – A Critique of Construction Regulation (Building & Zoning)
  • 1989 Spring Term – Child Welfare: A System Under Siege
  • 1988 Fall Term – The New Turner, Guilford, Knight Correctional Center Grand Jury Service[Interim: Florida Citizens • Prisoners of a Correctional Crisis]
  • 1988 Spring Term – A Cry For Substance Abuse Treatment Help The Homeless
  • 1987 Fall Term – Dade County Gang
  • 1987 Spring Term – The AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Epidemic
  • 1986 Fall Term – Public Housing Fire Prevention Police Shootings Fatalities Town of Medley Number of Grand Jurors, Quorums & Reimbursements
  • 1986 Spring Term – Grand Jury Report on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • 1985 Fall Term– Dade County’s Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • 1985 Spring Term – The Mentally Ill Defendant, Dade County Mass Transit System, and Increase in Per Diem And Number of Grand Jurors
  • 1984 Fall Term –Dade Youth Gangs, Operation Turnaround
  • 1984 Spring Term- Commissioner Joseph Carollo, Minority Enterprise Development, Miami Beach fire Code Enforcement
  • 1983 Fall Term – The High School Dropout and the Inner City School
  • 1983 Spring Term –Hazardous Waste,  Organized Crime Investigation
  • 1982 Fall Term -Police Use of Deadly Force
  • 1982 Spring Term – Grand Jury Report Follow Up Study, Guardianship, and  City Venture
  • 1981 Fall Term – Immigration and Narcotic Interdiction,  Handguns, and  Grand Jury Quorums and Reimbursement
  • 1981 Spring Term- Metro Transit Agency, Hialeah Housing Authority, Juvenile Justice System, Racketeering, and Quorums and Reimbursement
  • 1980 Fall Term -Report on Community Control Handguns
  • 1980 Spring Term – Report on Nursing Homes, Report on Fairness in Sentencing, and Report on Dade County School System
  • 1999 Fall Term –Miami-Dade County’s Public Schools: An Education In Differences. The Grand Jury studied inequities in state funding intended to help relieve overcrowding in our public schools and recommended solutions to the problem.
  • 1999 Spring Term –Inquiry Regarding The Miami-Dade County Contract Process: A Call For The Restoration of Fiscal and Confidence
  • 1998 Fall Term Final Report – Local Government Contracting with Private Companies
  • 1998 Spring Term –Inquiry Regarding South Florida’s Future Water Supply Crisis and The Miami River
  • 1997 Fall Term –Inquiry Regarding The Miami-Dade County Department of Planning, Development and Regulation
  • 1997 Fall Term  Interim Report –Inquiry Into Absentee Ballot Voting
  • 1997 Spring Term Final Report – Dade County Department of Planning, Development and Regulation
  • 1996 Fall Term – Children and Guns: A Call for Adult Responsibility
  • 1996 Spring Term  – Making Dade County Safer: A Local Approach to Crime Reduction
  • 1995 Fall Term –Dade County’s Juvenile Dependency System: Promises Unfulfilled
  • 1995 Spring Term –Dade County’s Juvenile Justice System: Starving For Resources, Desperate For Consequences
  • 1994 Fall Term – Dade County’s IV-D Child Support System
  • 1994 Spring Term –Domestic Violence: The Great Awakening
  • 1993 Fall Term – Criminal Justice in Dade County: On The Edge of an Abyss, Environmental Regulation of Government Agencies
  • 1993 Spring Term –Dade County’s Juvenile Offenders: A Study of the Need for Early Intervention
  • 1992 Fall Term – Building Codes/Construction Issues (as follow-up of previous report)
  • 1992 Spring Term – Hurricane Andrew & Related Building and Zoning Issues
  • 1991 Fall Term – Miami River: Beauty and Beast Firearms Regulation
  • 1991 Spring Term – Homelessness
  • 1990 Fall Term –Address Juvenile Crime with Timely Intervention
  • 1990 Spring Term – Dignity Not Neglect for Our Elderly
  • 2019 Fall Term – Grand Jury Suspended COVID Precaution
  • 2019 Spring Term – Grand Jury Suspended COVID Precaution
  • 2018 Fall Term – The Health of Biscayne Bay: Water Flows and Water Woes
  • 2017 Fall Term – As Storm Clouds Gathered: The Preparation for and Aftermath of Hurricane Irma
  • 2017 Fall Term – Interim Report – Amendment 4: Vote “YES” for a Safer and Fairer Florida
  • 2016 Spring Term – Addressing Condo Owners’ Pleas for Help: Recommendations for Legislative Help
  • 2015 Spring Term – Improving the impact, operation, effectiveness and transparency of Miami-Dade`s Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs)
  • 2014 Fall Term No report produced.
  • 2014 Spring Term  No report produced.
  • 2013 Fall Term – Continuing Nubia’s Legacy: Follow-up to the Fall Term 2010 Grand Jury Final Report
  • 2013 Spring Term – Equal Time-Sharing: Is ONE-SIZE FITS ALL Legislation in the Best Interest of the Child?
  • 2012 Fall Term – Enslavement of our Children: Identifying and Combating Human Sex Trafficking in our Community
  • 2012 Spring Term – Absentee Ballot Voting: Convenience and its Consequences
  • 2011 Fall Term – Update and Follow-up into the Safety and Medical Care Provided Juveniles in Custody in Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice
  • 2011 Spring TermAssisted Living Facilities: A call for greater interagency communication and a cry for more citizen volunteers
  • 2010 Fall Term – Nubia’s Legacy: Confronting the Bias of Trust and Complacency in Florida’s Child Welfare System
  • 2010 Spring Term – Decrease Florida’s Budget Deficit
  • 2021 Spring Term – Surfside Condo Collapse: Recommendations to Make Buildings Safer
  • 2020 Fall Term – Grand Jury suspended COVID Precaution
  • 2020 Spring Term – Grand Jury suspended COVID Precaution