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Elder and Vulnerable Adult (EVA)

Exploitation Unit


Photo: Elder Stock


State Attorney Fernandez Rundle prioritizes protecting our senior citizens. The Elder and Vulnerable Adult Exploitation Unit (EVA) is one of the first specialized state prosecution units in Florida and the nation dedicated to addressing financial crimes against the elderly. EVA works with various law enforcement agencies to ensure that elderly victims get the care and support they deserve. Unit staff includes an Assistant State Attorney, an Elder Victim Specialist, and multiple investigators.

Many predators prey on elderly victims by taking advantage of any physical and medical vulnerabilities they might have. Unfortunately, their advanced age may make it more difficult for them to recover from financial exploitation.

EVA staff review Adult Protection Services referrals to police departments and collaborate with government and civic partners to provide community resources for senior citizens. Our Elder Victim Specialist helps elderly victims enact safety plans, file financial injunctions, and enforce criminal restitution orders.

EVA investigates and prosecutes potential violations of Florida Statute 825.103. Examples include:

  • Obtaining or attempting to access or use an elderly person’s funds, assets, or property to deprive them of the use, benefit, or possession of their funds, assets, or property;
  • Manipulating an elderly person lacking the capacity to consent and obtaining or attempting to obtain their funds, assets, or property with the intent to deprive them of the use, benefit, or possession of the funds, assets, or property;
  • Using an elderly person’s property without authorization while serving as a guardian, trustee, or agent;
  • Misusing or transferring money from an elderly person’s personal or trust accounts; and
  • Failing to use an elderly person’s income and assets for the elder person’s support and maintenance when serving as a caregiver.