The Office of the State Attorney offers a variety of pre-arrest and post-arrest diversion programs that address first-time offenders’ charges if they complete program conditions, which may include classes, community service houses, and fines. We work with local service providers administer the programs to participants.

Misdemeanor and Felony Pre-Trial Diversion Program

Pre-trial diversion (PTD) is an alternative to prosecution offered by the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office. It provides offenders with non-violent priors a viable alternative to a criminal conviction. The program services criminal defendants allowing them to make significant changes in their lives so that they can avoid further involvement with the criminal justice system. Offenders enter the program voluntarily and if the offender completes all of the conditions of the program and remains arrest-free during his/her participation in the Program, the State Attorney’s office will drop the charges on the case. Program compliance is monitored by either The Advocate Program or Court Options.

The Denise Moon Memorial Fund was created by the State Attorney’s Office in memory and honor of Denise M. Moon. Contributions to the Fund come primarily from criminal defendants at the time of their sentencing or election to participate in a pre-trial diversion program. These funds provide opportunities to nonprofits via a grant application process to support efforts that assist victims of crime, reduce crimes’ effect on our community, promote opportunities for job training and placement, educational attainment and scholarships and other efforts providing alternatives to criminal activity. The Denise Moon Memorial Funds are administered by The Miami Foundation.

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Misdemeanor and Felony Mental Health Treatment Courts

The Mental Health Court is a voluntary alternative to the traditional court system. This court was established to divert non- violent misdemeanant defendants as well as non-violent felony defendants with serious mental illnesses (SMI) or co-occurring SMI and substance use disorders from the criminal justice system into community-based treatment and support services.

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Back on Track Program

Back on Track is a safe driving initiative created by the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office. Under this program, eligible first time Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offenders completing the program will have an opportunity to receive a withhold of adjudication on a reduced charge of Reckless Driving. Eligibility is determined by the State Attorney’s Office and based on the defendant’s criminal history, driving history, and circumstances surrounding the DUI arrest. Program compliance is monitored by either The Advocate Program or Court Options.

The State Attorney’s Office established a Fund for a Safer and Healthier Community with contributions that come primarily from defendants charged with Driving While Under The Influence (DUI) that elect to participate in the Back-On-Track Diversion Program.

These funds provide opportunities to nonprofits via a grant application process to support efforts that positively affect substance abuse, mental health and driving while impaired. The Fund’s focus includes, but is not limited to, supporting efforts that will reduce the use of substance abuse, provide counseling and treatment of offenders, prevention, education and the enforcement and deterrence of Impaired Driving. The Funds for a Safer and Healthier Community are administered by The Miami Foundation.

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Demanding More (Addressing the Supply and Demand of Prostitution)

Miami SAO offers a diversion program for non-violent first-time offenders facing misdemeanor prostitution charges.

This pre-trial diversion program entitled "Demanding More" is a first-of-its-kind for Miami-Dade County. The program seeks to educate charged offenders about the dangers and realities associated with prostitution and human trafficking. 

The program is designed for offenders with limited priors who are arrested for both solicitation and prostitution, and also seeks to reduce demand through education and services.

The program has two tracks: 

  1. For Commercial Sex Workers, it provides counseling and ancillary services to assist them in overcoming the challenges that have kept them in the cycle of prostitution.
  2. For the "Johns", it exposes them to their role in the perpetration of prostitution and the horrors of human trafficking.