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"CSP works with parents to create solutions for children"

Our Child Support Program (CSP) stands ready to offer support order reviews for customers with open child support cases. Tell us if you think your support order needs to be changed. We may need to send documents for you to complete and return to us to begin your order review. To request a support order review, please contact us at
(305) 530-2600.

You may qualify for a support order review if:

  • Your support order has not been changed or reviewed in the last 3 years;
  • There has been a permanent or significant change in your income or the needs of the children;
  • You are adding or removing a child from the order;
  • You are extending the time support needs to be paid (Example: Your child is still in high school); or
  • You are adding or removing medical support from the order.
  • Child Support is not due to stop in the next 6 months.