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Photo: Richard E. Gerstein Building 

Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building
REG 713
1351 N.W. 12th Street
Miami, FL 33125
 (305) 548-5191

The Repeat Offender Court (ROC) prosecutes the most dangerous recidivist offenders in Miami-Dade County. The Florida legislature, as outlined in Florida Statute 775.0841, has determined the prosecution of Career Criminals to be a priority. Thus, in 2006, ROC was created. The creation of and eligibility for ROC is governed by administrative order 06-01.

ROC Defendants are prosecuted solely by “A” and “A Equivalent” level prosecutors, as the most dangerous Career Criminals are assigned to ROC. To be “ROC eligible,” a Defendant must (1) qualify as either a Habitual Violent Offender, Violent Career Criminal (“GORT”), Three-Time Violent Offender, or Prison Release Reoffender; and (2) be charged with a First-Degree Felony or higher. Cases involving drugs or homicides do not qualify for ROC court.