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Smart Justice is a public trust that balances our core values of enforcing the law in a fair, equal, and compassionate way, while respecting the pain and trauma suffered by victims.

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Each new Attorney enters a four- to six-week training program supervised by our full-time Training Officers. The training program consists primarily of lectures and workshops. Each Legal Trainee is given a comprehensive training manual which contains the subject material and case law that they are expected to master. The Trainees complete their training by working closely with an experienced prosecutor.

First Assignment: County Court

After completing the training program, new Assistant State Attorneys are assigned to the County Court Division. In County Court, prosecutors litigate misdemeanor offenses. While in the County Court Division, the attorney has an opportunity to serve as lead counsel in jury and non-jury trials and to conduct plea negotiations. Once the assignment to County Court has been completed, attorneys transfer to Juvenile Division.

Next Assignment: Juvenile Court

In Juvenile Court, attorneys prosecute almost all types of felony and misdemeanor cases. This allows them to learn the elements of the various crimes and improve their trial and advocacy skills. There are no jury trials in Juvenile Court; these case are tried in front of judges only.

Making a Commitment

At the County Court level, selected attorneys will be given the opportunity to extend their stay in these divisions. The office uses the term “committed attorneys” to identify these Assistants. Committed Attorneys receive a salary increase to encourage stability and excellence in County Court.

Advancing Smart Justice

After completing rotations in the County Court and Juvenile Divisions, attorneys are promoted to the Felony Division. There are presently 21 general units in the Felony Division. Each unit practices before one (1) circuit court judge on a daily basis. Within each unit there is a Division Chief (the supervising attorney), as well as “A”, “B” and “C” prosecutors (the “pit” assistants). Each new incoming felony ASA enters into a unit as a “C” level prosecutor. With experience, the ASA is promoted to a “B” level and then an “A” level prosecutor. With each promotion, the ASA is assigned more difficult and serious cases.
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