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I am very proud of the dedicated prosecutors and staff in this office. The functions of this office are vital to our community as we work together towards a safer place in which to live, work, and raise our families. As a team and as individuals, we have an overriding sense of purpose and commitment to meet these goals. We pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified individuals. I welcome anyone who is willing to join our team as we work hard to serve and protect the residents of Miami-Dade County.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Miami-Dade State Attorney

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Careers Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miami SAO and the State of Florida have the same applications?

No. A completed State Attorney's Office application, not a State of Florida application is required, with a current resume'. The resume' must include dates of employment (months and years) and current and previous employers.

How long does Miami SAO retain my application?

Your application will be retained for six (6) months and you may be contacted for an interview at any time during that period. 

What is Miami SAO's interview process?

After you have submitted your application, you may be contacted for an interview.

Are Miami SAO employees recognized as State of Florida employees?

As a regular payroll staff member of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit, you are eligible for State employee benefits. State Attorney’s Office employees are not under the jurisdiction of civil service regulations. Personnel operations of the State Attorney’s Office are governed by the provisions of the Classification and Pay Plan of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association.

Does Miami SAO observe a probationary period?

Each new employee is subject to a probationary period for the first six (6) months of employment, except for Case Analysts in the Child Support Division who are subject to a nine (9) month probationary period. Employees are entitled to benefits while on probation.

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E. R. Graham Building
1350 N.W. 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136-2111

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