"All children need
support to succeed."

Once your child support order is entered, you must begin making payments as indicated. To avoid delays in the processing of your payment, please pay close attention to the terms of your order. If mailing in your payment, make sure you write your full name clearly and include the complete court case number or child support case number. If the payment you are mailing in is for more than one case, list all of the case numbers and how much should be applied to each case. If we have sent your employer an Income Withholding Order, you are required to continue making payments until your employer commences payroll deductions. For more information on how to make payments, please visit the Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support payment website.

For your convenience, there are multiple ways in which payments can be made. They include:

Payroll Deductions

  • Employers can automatically deduct child support payments from paychecks

Mail Payments

  • Payors can mail payments to the following address:
    State Disbursement Unit
    P.O. Box 8500
    Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500

Make Payments Online

Payors can log on to https://fl.smartchildsupport.com or https://www.myfloridacounty.com to pay online with a credit card or an electronic check. Please note: the MyFlorida County option make take five (5) days for your payment to post.

Pay Through Money Transfer Services

Payors can make their payments through the following money transfer service providers:


Pay in Person

Payors can make their contributions directly by going to:

Central Depository of the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court
Overtown Transit Village South Tower
601 NW 1st Court
16th Floor
Miami, FL 33136
(same building as the Main Child Support Office)