The Honorable Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Photo: State Attorney Headshot

State Attorney
Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle is a second-generation attorney committed to administering smart justice for all. After her appointment in 1993, residents made history in 1994 by electing her as the first Cuban-American State Attorney in Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.  She was subsequently re-elected to eight terms as the county’s top law enforcement officer.

Before her initial appointment, Fernandez Rundle served our community for 15 years as an Assistant State Attorney, serving as Chief Assistant State Attorney and Legal Counsel to the Dade County Grand Jury under then-State Attorney and future United States Attorney General, Janet Reno and Legal Counsel to the Dade County Grand Jury.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and post-graduate and law degrees from the University of Cambridge Law School in England.

Committed to administering smart justice for all

The State Attorney’s dedication to smart justice is rooted in her family’s commitment to public service. Her father, Dr. Carlos Benito Fernandez, served as Miami’s first Hispanic judge and a founder of the Cuban American Bar Association (CABA). Ms. Fernandez Rundle followed in her father’s footsteps when her peers elected her CABA’s first female president in 1993. State Attorney Fernandez Rundle is a renowned prosecutorial innovator recognized for many ground-breaking accomplishments that have transformed the administration of justice.

Through her Community Outreach Division, the State Attorney delivers community services and crime prevention assistance directly to residents throughout the county. Many residents capitalize on their “Second Chance” by attending her highly anticipated monthly “Sealing and Expungement” events which provide eligible individuals who have been arrested, the opportunity to have their record sealed or expunged.

As a pioneer in the fight against sex trafficking, the State Attorney’s Human Trafficking Task Force works with multiple law enforcement partners to protect children from exploitation. The task force aggressively finds ways to save and rehabilitate victims and prosecutes those who prey on them.

State Attorney Fernandez Rundle created Anti-Gun Violence Units (AGVU) in cooperation with the Miami-Dade Police Department for the Northside District of Miami, the City of Miami Gardens, and the City of Miami’s North End. This group of seasoned prosecutors and investigators keep our streets safe from gun violence in these areas. The AGVU team helps facilitate justice by locating and securing witnesses essential to successful gun violence prosecutions.

The National District Attorneys Association has applauded her Smart Justice approach which distinguishes offenders who can be rehabilitated from offenders who present a present and future danger. Her smart justice solutions include creating court programs specifically designed to offer treatment for veterans and individuals suffering from mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Additionally, she successfully implemented the state’s first Domestic Violence Unit, Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court, a Civil Citation Program, and operates Florida’s only State Attorney’s Office-based Child Support Program.

State Attorney Fernandez Rundle is passionate about her community and shares her time, influence, and resources contributing to its success. She is a founding member and vice president of Women of Tomorrow, a mentorship and scholarship program that serves at-risk young women. Among other service organization memberships, Ms. Fernandez Rundle supports Amigos for Kids, 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and The Children’s Trust. She is a member of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, a national group formed to address the issue of gun violence in the United States.