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Salary Payroll

Specific salary ranges are established for each position class by the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA) Classification and Pay Plan, which is approved annually by the Florida Governor and Legislature. The salary ranges vary according to the duties and responsibilities applicable to each position. Individual salaries are based on tenure, classification, and job responsibilities. An applicant’s previous training and experience may qualify him/her for consideration for an advanced position. Salaries and opportunities for other positions may be discussed in your interview.

Cost-of-living salary increases may be appropriated by the Florida Legislature, while merit or promotional increases are processed as authorized by the State Attorney, Chief Assistant State Attorney of Administration, Executive Director or Senior Human Resource Administrator.

Payroll is processed on the last working day of each month and, by law, employee salaries must be deposited by electronic funds transfer into a bank or credit union account designated by the employee at the time of employment.

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