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Insurance Fraud


Photo: Insurance Fraud


The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has commended State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s Insurance Fraud team for delivering smart justice in its investigation and prosecution of multiple co-defendant cases for the filing of fraudulent property damage claims resulting in millions of dollars in loses to many insurance carriers. The Insurance Fraud team manages a sophisticated practice that includes pro-active investigations, filling criminal charges and prosecuting said charges.

The Insurance Fraud teams investigates and prosecutes the following crimes:

Photo: Car Accidents

  • Staged car accidents and the subsequent filing of fraudulent insurance claims for alleged injuries suffered as a result of the “accident,” also resulting in Grand Theft charges (Florida Statutes 817.234 and 812.014).

  • Fraudulent insurance claims filed for alleged property damages. The majority of these property claims are committed by homeowners and many are as a result of alleged damages caused by hurricane (Florida Statutes 817.234 and 812.014).
  • Most of the property damage cases have also resulted in racketeering cases, wherein a small organized group of people (like Licensed Public Adjusters) in conjunction with multiple homeowners filed fraudulent claims (Florida Statutes 895.03, 817.234, and 812.014)
  • Miami SAO investigates and prosecutes any type of insurance claim fraud, including but not limited to fraudulent claims submitted to carriers like AFLAC, or life insurance carriers.

  • Arson cases in which a property or automobile was intentionally set on fire and a fraudulent insurance claim was filed (Florida Statute 806.01 , 817.234, and 812.014).

Photo: Money Fraud

  • Misappropriation of funds by insurance agents happens when agents collect money from clients who purchase automobile or homeowners policies and the agent keep the money. As a consequence, these policy owners find themselves without any coverage (Florida Statute 626.561.).
  • Most of these cases are for multiple offenses and usually they also carry the charge of Organized Scheme to Defraud (Florida Statute 817.034).