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What is Domestic Violence ?

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Hotline is a resource for victims and witnesses.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of controlling behavior by one person who has, or has had, a personal, intimate, or familial relationship with another person. Domestic Violence may include making verbal or written threats; physical contact, such as slapping, choking, pushing, holding, or kicking; forcing or pressuring sex upon another; or any other types of unwanted physical behavior. Injury is not necessary for a crime of Domestic Violence to occur.

If any of the above has happened to you, you may have feelings of helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, or anger. You may blame yourself for the things that are happening, and you may feel responsible for what happens to your abuser. There may be other factors with your home life, such as lack of money or concerns for children or other family members, that make it hard to leave an abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone, regardless of religious, social, economic, ethnic or educational background. Domestic Violence happens to people of all ages and in every community.

Please remember that you are not alone! There are people and agencies willing and able to help you.

Victims Guide

Click here to access Guide for Victims of Domestic Violence & Stalking

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