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State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and
Hialeah Police Chief George Fuente
Comment on the Sentencing of
Former Hialeah Police Officer Rafael Otano


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Miami (November 1, 2023)

“Today’s sentencing of former Hialeah Police Officer Rafael Otano marks a sad day for the Hialeah Police Department and for the entire Miami-Dade law enforcement community. When the jury convicted Otano of the armed kidnapping of a homeless man intended to’ teach him a lesson’, it sent out the strongest message possible that this community is a community of laws which govern us all.

Our police officers, who spend every day protecting our community, all understand that one cannot uphold the values of our laws while engaged in actions which violate the law itself.”

— State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle


“Today the justice system spoke and sent a clear message; one that we stand firm by. The law enforcement community must hold itself accountable and to a higher standard and any officer that violates the public’s trust will face the ramification of their actions.

Let me be very clear; the actions that Mr. Otano was found guilty of, do not reflect the men and women of the Hialeah Police Department.

The men and women of this agency are dedicated and devoted officers, that continue to protect and serve this city with the respect and loyalty it so greatly deserves.”

–Chief George Fuente, Hialeah Police Department


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