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State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle Partners with Miami Women’s Club and
Camillus House in Support of Human Trafficking Victims

Women’s Club $10,000 donation will support Project Phoenix

Photo: KFR Optical Screening Event


Miami (October 29, 2020) – Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle was joined by Hilda Fernandez, CEO of Camillus House and Shirley Pardon, President of the Miami Women’s Club, to announce a $10,000 donation from the Club to Project Phoenix. This generous donation will help Project Phoenix advance efforts to support human trafficking survivors.

“Human Trafficking is unacceptable. Unfortunately, this scourge of our society continues right in our own community and young men and women continue to be exploited, mostly behind closed doors,” said State Attorney Fernandez Rundle.

Eliminating human trafficking is a priority for the State Attorney and created Florida’s first Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit. During a community awareness event at which members of the Miami Women’s Club were present, State Attorney Fernandez Rundle spoke of the adverse impact of this crime and shared ways residents could help to support victims of human trafficking. After the event, the members were inspired to support and donate to the cause.

“The Miami Women’s Club has always stood for the idea of using the strength of women to improve Miami. They have consistently supported our efforts and contributed to our success. We appreciate their generosity and dedication. This donation is a visible reaffirmation of the club’s commitment to community improvement and stewardship,” added the State Attorney.

“For over 50 years, Camillus House has provided help and assistance to many individuals in their desperate times. Project Phoenix is one of the few places in Florida available for survivors of human trafficking, providing survivors with safe housing and an opportunity to reclaim and rebuild their lives,” commented State Attorney Fernandez Rundle.

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