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Dear Friend,

With the multiple shootings this past Memorial Day weekend throughout our County, I could not ignore these recent events that have left our community stunned, angered, heartbroken and in tears.

We have seen innocent bystanders injured, shot and even killed as bullets fly indiscriminately through the air in broad daylight at popular tourist areas and at night outside of nightclubs and trendy restaurants. No matter when or where incidents of gun violence occur, there are victims whose lives are forever shattered, and families left heartbroken and helpless.

Gun violence is not unique to South Florida. It is an issue that is affecting our nation from coast to coast. Rampant gun violence is a national public health issue that must be addressed at all levels. From the White House to each individual home, we need to systematically, methodically and holistically attack and dismantle this threat piece by piece once and for all.

I know that everyone has had enough of the senseless violence and loss of life. We have seen these cycles of increased – gun violence in the past and have taken action to meet the challenge head on. But this time it is different. We are all sick the devastating feeling we get when we see lives cut short for no good reason.

I want to invite you to join me for a Gun Violence Virtual Townhall on June 16th, 2021, at 6:30pm. Our panel will include various Chiefs of Police Departments discussing the obstacles they face and how our community can be part of the solution. Members of my Gun Violence Units will also participate, giving their perspective of the prosecutorial aspect of a criminal case.

In the coming week, I will be sending out a flyer for this event and I ask you to share it with anyone you know that wants to partner with us in putting an end to gun violence in our community.

The Zoom information for this event is
Meeting ID: 948 3332 6068
Passcode: 569472

Our community is strong, and we must work together to face these challenges as they arise. Once again, we as government leaders and law enforcement, along with community organizations, religious groups and everyday people, need to roll up our sleeves and work together because lives depend on it…Miami-Dade County depends on it.

Stay healthy, safe and strong.


Click to Access Miami SAO Newsletter

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