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Message from the State Attorney

Photo: Katherine Fernandez Rundle Headshot 2

Katherine Fernandez Rundle
State Attorney

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Dear Friend,


Thanksgiving has kicked off the holiday season and the countdown to 2023 has begun! For all of us, this past year has been filled with challenges, lessons learned, opportunities, and accomplishments. When I reflect on 2022, I am proud that we at the State Attorney’s Office rose to the occasion no matter what situation we faced.


When speaking about our State Attorney’s Office staff, I never tire of saying that I truly have the “Best Team in America”! I say it often because it is so, so true. It takes a very special kind of person to work in public service, especially in an office that deals with some of the most difficult and heartbreaking issues facing our society. We assist victims, their next-of-kin, and witnesses of crimes who have all experienced life-altering situations. We know first-hand the pain they feel.


It is our responsibility, and our privilege, to serve as their voice in the criminal justice system in both the courtroom and in the community. We work together with an amazing team of government and community agencies to assist in providing our victims with a safety net of services and resources. Our goal is always to help them move forward and rebuild their lives.


I am extremely moved when I see the positive impact our work has had on the lives of those individuals affected by crime. It motivates me to continue the work we are doing and to keep finding innovative ways to keep our community safe.


We also help those charged with lower-level crimes learn from their past mistakes, address their needs (including addiction and mental illness), and otherwise make necessary changes so they can find better employment, provide for themselves and their families, and otherwise contribute to our community in a positive way.


Just recently, I was approached by a woman at our November “Second Chance” Program Sealing and Expungement event. She had heard about our program and hoped that sealing her decades old case would allow her to pursue her lifelong professional dream. She cried tears of joy as she told me how excited she was about the prospects of putting the past behind her and beginning anew.


Seal & Expungement Event with State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle
The knowledge that we make a such a big difference in the lives of so many people is humbling and overwhelming. All of us in the community are blessed to have staff and prosecutors who work so diligently every day to keep the wheels of Smart Justice in motion. They are angels on earth.


I am also grateful for all of you who work with us and support our mission. Thank you for helping us obtain the resources we need and otherwise supporting our great team.


I wish you all the happiest of holidays!


Thank you and God Bless,