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A Message from the State Attorney
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Dear Friend,

Last week I had the honor of hosting the swearing-in ceremony for our Fall 2021 class of Assistant State Attorneys. Every year, when I look at the faces of those who have answered the call to serve our community as prosecutors, I am energized by their hope, passion, and emotion. This year was particularly moving since we were able to conduct the ceremony in person.

Excitement filled the air as those in attendance recognized the importance and solemnity of the moment. Becoming a minister of justice comes with great responsibility. As I watched them raise their right hands and take their oath, I knew that our new prosecutors will continue to fulfill the Office’s primary mission to protect and defend the community while upholding and enforcing the law through our Smart Justice approach.

I was also privileged to be a part of our New Employee Orientation for our support staff. This committed and dedicated group will be responsible for a variety of functions that keep the wheels of Smart Justice in motion. After speaking with them, I know they will fit into our SAO family perfectly.

Our team is truly the Best Team in America. Members bring a variety of abilities, skills, talent, experience, and views. Each of them plays a critical role in the Office. Collectively, they serve and protect all members of our diverse community.

Thank you for supporting your SAO and all of those who work to serve our community.

Stay healthy, safe and strong.


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