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Miami-Dade County has a very informative website that provides valuable information to property owners looking to hire a contractor. Their primary advice on the best way to safeguard against faulty and hazardous construction work is to ensure the contractor you hire has a valid contractor’s license.

Even though you probably just want to to get your repairs started, it’s important to protect yourself against unscrupulous people who would otherwise take advantage of you. Obtain more than one estimate and investigate each contractor’s qualifications.

The Miami-Dade County website includes questions and tips intended to assist residents in getting value from the repairs made to their homes or business and to ensure all the work is performed by qualified individuals, with all necessary permits obtained and inspections made as required. For more information on the following topics and more, please visit  

Their website responds to the following questions and more:

  • I am looking to hire a contractor. How do I choose a reputable one?
  • What warning signs should I look for before hiring a contractor?
  • How do I know what permit(s) my municipality requires for the type of work I want to do?
  • Where can I check to confirm my contractor choice is licensed and insured?

Don’t fall victim to construction fraud. Please do your homework before handing your hard-earned money over to a contractor who is not qualified to perform the work he was hired to do, or worse, completes the job without obtaining the permit(s) or inspection(s) required by your municipality.