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Miami – July 07, 2021

“As a community, we remain shaken and horrified by the immense loss of life and the sheer destruction caused by the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condominium building.

Today, in addressing the members of the Spring Term Miami-Dade County Grand Jury, I requested, pending the conclusion of the long-term investigation that will yield the cause of the collapse, that they look into how we can prevent such a disaster from occurring again, not just in Surfside, and not just in condominiums, but in all buildings and structures in the coastal, intercoastal and surrounding areas of our county, state and nation. The members of the Grand Jury enthusiastically agreed to accept this challenge and voted in favor of conducting such an investigation.

As a cross-section of our community, our Grand Juries and their published reports have historically led the way to numerous reforms and improvements in Miami-Dade County and beyond. For example, the improvements of our building code after the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew are directly attributable to the efforts of a prior Dade County Grand Jury. As the work of the Grand Jury is confidential under Florida law, we will not be able to share with you any specifics of what they are doing. However, the results of their efforts will be presented and released at the end of their term with the issuance of their Grand Jury Report. I look forward to the Grand Jury Report’s insights, recommendations and propose solutions. I hope as a result of their work, the people of Miami-Dade will be able to rest better and sleep
soundly knowing they are safe in their homes.”

– State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle


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