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Miami (June 8, 2021) –

“As a Smart Justice prosecutor, I support the Peace and Prosperity Plan, which provides opportunities for members of our community and alternatives to arrests for low level offenses.

Coupled with strategic enforcement of our laws and the arrest and prosecution of violent offenders, particularly those offenses involving weapons, this plan can help us address gun violence over the long term. Success of this plan offers hope of long-term sustainability to the
urgent, present need for enhanced law enforcement and prosecution of violent offenders.

This two-pronged approach of getting shooters and their guns, while respecting due process, off the streets, can enhance our existing Smart Justice strategies that aim to break the intergenerational cycle of violence.”

I join many in our local community, including our civic and faith-based leaders and police chiefs, in working toward a peaceful resolution to these issues consistent with our commitment to smart, equal, and fair justice.”

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle


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