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Community Workshops & Presentations

Although the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office is primarily a prosecuting agency, the office takes great pride in offering many diverse programs and that reduce crime and provide resources for South Florida families. Some examples of services that are offered by our Community Outreach Division include:

  • The Child ID Fingerprinting Program that helps families provide law enforcement agencies with a vital tool in case a child goes missing.
  • The START (Stop Think Act React Tell) Program empowers school-aged children by educating them about alternatives to violence and crime.
  • The One Stop Sealing and Expungement Workshop provides a second chance for individuals who were arrested for certain lower level crimes but not convicted of those crimes by helping them obtain orders sealing and/or expunging the records.  This makes it easier for them to obtain employment and housing.
  • The Identity Theft / Scam Prevention Presentation helps prevent identity theft by educating the public about common scams affecting our community and ways they can protect themselves.
  • The Bullying Prevention Presentation teaches our children how to deal with bullying situations and encourages them to not become a bully, or to end their bullying behaviors.