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‘Great Resignation’ hits Florida state attorneys, public defenders offices
Officials blame low pay, high caseloads

Photo: State Attorney Headshot

State Attorney
Katherine Fernandez Rundle

State Attorneys throughout Florida are not exempt from the Great Resignation. Click branded Florida’s prosecutor shortage a statewide epidemic. State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle offered this assessment of the shortage during an interview with Orlando’s WKMG-TV Channel 6.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle is the state attorney for Miami-Dade County and has been for nearly 30 years.

She said in the last year, her office has lost 82 attorneys.

“It’s a statewide epidemic within our office and the public defender’s offices all around the state,” Rundle said. “That’s the size of a large law firm. It’s almost the size of obliterating one state attorney’s office.”

Like Worrell, Rundle recently went to Tallahassee to wave the red flag to lawmakers.

“If you look at our starting salary and compare it to other starting salaries in the country, we’re the second-lowest, in one of the greatest states,” Rundle said during a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting.

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