Special Victim Advocate I – M.O.V.E.S. Program


                       (Formerly known as:  Victim Specialist I)
                       Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Unit (Courthouse Center)
                       Lawson E. Thomas Court House Center
                       175 N.W. 1st Avenue
                       Suite 2500
                       Miami, FL 33128

Position Overview:

The Special Victim Advocate I in the Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for providing direct victim-centered and confidential emergency support to victims of domestic violence, in the most serious misdemeanor cases from arrest to the final disposition of the case.  The schedule for this position is 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and this position may be required to work at least one day of the week offsite at the Coordinated Victim Assistance Center (CVAC).

The Job Responsibilities are:

  • Conducting assessments to determine victims’ needs
  • Establishing individualized case management plans
  • Ensuring all victims receive referrals to and information on domestic violence community assistance services, crisis intervention counseling, and on-going counseling
  • Assisting victims with the Crimes Compensation application process
  • Informing victims of their rights and information on legal services
  • Accompanying victims to any criminal and civil proceedings as necessary
  • Conducting presentations within the community
  • Coordinating shelter for victims in need
  • Keeping thorough case notes for statistical reports
  • Attending arraignment and bond hearing on a rotation basis
  • Assisting with weekend DV Assessment calls
  • Taking statements to facilitate the prosecution of the cases
  • Performing other related duties as assigned

The Minimum Requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Social Work/Psychology and one (1) year experience working directly with victims in a Paralegal, Victim & Witness Specialist, or Victim Advocate position or,
  • Associate Degree preferably in Social work/Psychology and three (3) years’ experience working directly with victims in a Paralegal, Victim & Witness Specialist, or Victim Advocate position or,
  • Five (5) years’ combination of education and experience working directly with victims in a Paralegal, Victim & Witness Specialist, or Victim Advocate position

The Preferred Qualifications and Skills are:

  • Being fluent in English and Spanish or English and Creole
  • Having a thorough understanding of how to cope with victims in crisis
  • Having prior work experience with victims of domestic violence 

Specific Skills and Characteristics

 The Successful Candidate must be able to: 

  • Possess and demonstrate excellent organizational skills
  • Possess and demonstrate excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Possess and demonstrate being detailed-oriented
  • Possess and demonstrate the ability to handle difficult and stressful situations
  • Work effectively under pressure and meet stringent time constraints
  • Be a self–starter and work independently
  • Be adaptable to change
  • Be flexible with their work schedule
  • Work effectively with all levels of staff and the public

Starting Annual Salary: $35,568.00

 To apply for this position, please complete and submit an application, and updated resume to: SAOJobs@MiamiSAO.com.  Applications can be downloaded from our website at:  www.miamisao.com.

The State Attorney’s Office reserves the right to modify the conditions of this job announcement or to withdraw the announcement without prior written or other notice.  All information provided by applicants is subject to verification and background investigation.  False statements or omission of information on any application materials may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment, or dismissal after being employed.

Insurance benefits, vacation package and Florida Retirement System Pension benefits are offered with this position

Internal and External Candidates will be considered
Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer