Diversity in the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office

salutes SAO's diverse staff

State Attorney Fernandez Rundle has always prioritized diversity within the SAO.  Minority staff bring their experiences and knowledge to every decision they make and add valuable perspective. Despite the fact that the SAO cannot pay Assistant State Attorneys and support staff personnel anywhere near as much as they could make in the private sector, State Attorney Fernandez Rundle has developed a staff that the Daily Business Review once recognized “could be the most diverse” in South Florida.  See Dominguez, E., Commentary – Swing open door to diversity, Daily Business Review (2007)

These charts provide a snapshot of our attorney demographics from June 2020 and compare them to attorney demographics (attorneys in good standing with the Florida Bar only) in Miami-Dade County (MDC) and statewide. As the charts reflect, minorities have more representation in our office than among attorneys in MDC and the state. Non-Hispanic Whites account for only approximately 49% of all attorneys at the SAO, 46% of our supervising attorneys, and 43% of State Attorney Fernandez Rundle’s Executive Team. Of note, the percentage of SAO attorneys who are Black greatly exceeds the percentage of attorneys in the community who are Black (15% v. 4%).

To put our office’s diversity in further perspective, we can compare it to similarly sized private law firms. The SAO is staffed for approximately 330 attorneys. Law360 surveys private firms of various sizes, placing them into different categories, including firms of 251 to 600 attorneys. They reported that “at least 20% of their attorneys [were] people of color” at the “top” firms of that size. They also found that only 28.6% and 18.4% of the equity partners at the top firms were minorities.

Our office is also home to numerous members of the LGBTQ community and people of varying religion (we do not keep data on either gender identify or religion).